Lady Geek TV – The App Show

Episode 1 – Holidays

“Episode 1 of The App Show. The show that puts apps to the test in the real world. This week we try out Ovi Maps for Nokia, SitorSquat on Blackberry and TouchNote on iPhone. Tell us what you think!”

We’ve been commissioned by Lady Geek to make a Web TV series! Very exciting, as it’s something we’ve wanted the opportunity to do for a long time, and hopefully will lead on to more SMAP shows in the future. Let us know what you think of the show, and if you join the facebook page ( you will be entered to win a new smartphone! Craziness!

Behind the Scenes Photos from Episode 1

Episode 2 – Food and Drink

“This week we’ve picked out cross-platform app OpenTable, with Pair It! and Epicurious on iPhone and Android.”

The second episode of our new show, this time with guest presenter, Kate Stevens.

Filming this one was just as fun as the first; really funny and whilst we’re trying to keep things simple to get them done within the short turnaround (around 4 days for this ep) we managed to squeeze a bunch of fun ideas in there. Even had to miss out a few jokes to keep the show at around 7 minutes long…

Behind the Scenes Photos from Episode 2

Episode 3 – Travel

“This week we’re looking at Qype for Ovi Maps, Talking Phrasebooks and Tube Pro, with the help of the magical Maggie Philbin.”

Episode 4 – Fashion

“This week, is our fashion special, so Debs Anne and fabulous guest presenter Angela Buttolph from Grazia Daily bring you Go Shop, TouchCloset and Ask A Stylist.”

Behind the Scenes Photos from Episode 4

Episode 5 – Apps for Kids (and Mums)

“How do you keep bored kids entertained with your phone?

This week is our Mumsnet special, with guest presenter Justine Roberts.

Debs and Justine will be looking at Fish School for iPhone, Qik for Nokia and the new Google Image Search on Android, iPhone and Palm. Our App of the Week is Toddler Lock.”

Episode 6 – Online Shopping

“How do you survive being stuck indoors, with only your smartphone to help you?

This week is our guest presenter is the fabulous Hermione Way, from Newspepper and

Debs and Hermione use their brains, brawn and mobile phones to survive this week, looking at Amazon Mobile, Ocado on the go and the brand new Tesco Grocery app. Our App of the Week is the Ovi V Festival app, essential for this weekend’s… V Festival!”

Behind the Scenes Photos from Episode 6

Episode 7 – Fitness

“We know how it starts. The huff and puff up your street while your Olympianesque neighbour sprints past with a cheery wave and an all-too-hearty, Hello there! Jerk. Or maybe your favourite top is just that tiny bit too tight. Trainers laced up, gym membership at the ready, you vow this time it will be different you will be fit. 200 meters later and you’re ready to collapse. How will you ever get fit?

This week, the Lady Geeks bring you fitness apps that WILL make a difference. The Lady Geeks show you how you can train your way to a 5K with the ingeniously named C25K for iPhone. Measure your progress and brag about your accomplishments with Sports Tracker for Nokia and prove those fitness skills with a crunch-off match thanks to CrunchFu. You’ll be outpacing your smug lycra-clad neighbour in no time at all.”

This one was epic, and really difficult to cut down to under 8 minutes. Think it’s come out ok tho, maybe one of the best yet…

Episode 8 – Productivity

“Your co-worker has gone on holiday. The other one is off with flu. Suddenly, you’re drowning in a sea of sticky notes while frantically trying to type a letter before hopping into a cab for that meeting and wait, is that your boss heading this way? Don’t crawl under your desk with a sympathetic chocolate bar – Lady Geek TV have found the apps to keep you productive under pressure.

This week, Lady Geek test Quickoffice Suite to ensure you are mobile and ready for action by letting you view and edit documents on the go. We also test one of your favourites, Remember the Milk, to keep you organised, calm, collected and on top of Mount Sticky-Note.”

Had most trouble this week doing the dodgy Powerpoint presentation slides. It’s really difficult to make things look intentionally bad, rather than just bad. If I had more time I would spend a bit longer on those bits, as I think there is a next level that they just haven’t reached yet! Also, for some weird reason AE didn’t render out the silhouetted woman on the slides at the end…

Episode 9 – The Music Appisode

“Can your phone improve your taste in music?

You’re out and about, grabbing some coffee and minding your own business, when you hear the most beautiful song you have ever heard. Your new favourite song. Only problem? You have no idea who the band is, what the song is called, let alone where and how you can see this magical band live. What can you do?

Now, using only your smartphone, you can find out who this band is, the name of the song and where their next gig is long before the your latte arrives. With Shazam, you can find out the name of the song and the artist faster than you can say, “I wonder if the singer is as hot as they sound?” With Gigfinder for Nokia, you can find the artist’s next gig at lightening speed and even purchase tickets using your phone. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have better taste in music, but at least you’ll know what you like.”

A short and sharp one this week, to help keep on top of the weekly schedule. It’s a fun one tho!

Episode 10 – The Gaming Appisode

“But isn’t gaming on your smartphone a waste of time?

You – you are a busy bee. You are a woman of multi-tasking, to-do lists and complex priorities. You have no time for frivolous childish games, especially on your smartphone. You are certainly not a gamer because, last you checked, you were not a spotty bedroom-dwelling teenage boy. Obviously, BrickBreaker doesn’t count as a real game – does it?

Say hello to a new generation of casual games for your smartphone. These games, which you can dip in an out of and play at your leisure, promise to change the way you view gaming from now on. Due to popular demand, Lady Geek brings you Angry Birds, with new levels and on new devices, including the Nokia N8. Words with Friends is the popular social word game with its roots in Scrabble but its eye firmly on playing with friends. Both games will have you leaving your to-do list languishing – for 3 minutes, anyway.”

Featuring Ann Scantlebury, News Fox from One Life Left!

Had to rush through the grading stage of this one, and we were battling changing weather for the kitchen stuff, so it’s not looking as great as I would like. Think it just about scrapes through tho, and it’s a fun episode, so that’s the main thing! 😉

Episode 11 – London!

“Is this your experience of living in London: Tube, work, tube, home? Tube, work, tube, home? As a non-Londoner, does the thought of the big smoke strike fear and loathing in your heart? Lady Geek want to open up London and help you experience everything London has to offer.

In a special London episode, Lady Geek learn more about London in the Evening Standard and see London above ground using Barclays Cycle Hire, with help from the Cycle Hire app by Lock Stock. Meanwhile, Street Museum by the Museum of London turns all of London into a living museum and changes your perception of London, street by street.”

Very tricky getting the sound right on this one, as pretty much everything was filmed next to busy London roads! Nice to be filming it all outside this week tho, liked playing with lens flaring, twinkling lights and the blue colour scheme…

Episode 12 – Twitter

“Are Smartphone Apps for Twitter Up to the Job?

You’re waiting for that friend who’s always late, in total boredom. Then the inevitable call – she can’t make that play/concert/movie/black tie event. Oh no! But thanks to the miracle of Twitter, you can while away the minutes, or hours, waiting for your errant friend – and sell those tickets at a moments notice when she cancels. But with the dozens of Twitter clients available for your smartphone, which ones can hack the challenge?

This week’s special guest Martha Lane Fox, the UK Digital Champion behind Race Online 2012 puts TweetDeck to the test keeping her fans up to date, while Debs Anne tests Twitter with Gravity for Nokia to build up her network and stalk a Twitter cat.”

The last show of series 1! Let us know what you think! 🙂

Lady Geek – How To – Nokia

A really quick quide to help you get some apps on your Nokia smartphone.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved with Series 1 of Lady Geek TV’s The App Show! We really appreciate all the support from viewers as well as meeting and working with all the lovely presenters!

To give credit where it’s due, we’ve put together the credits for the series:

Written by
Dan Chambers @danchambers
Debs Anne @debs_anne
Jamie Fraser @jamie_f

With help from
The Lady Geek TV team

Directed by
Jamie Fraser and Debs Anne for Super Mega Action Plus @megaaction

Presented by
Debs Anne

Guest Presenters
Rhiain Morgan @rhiainm
Kate Stevens @katesteven
Maggie Philbin @maggiephilbin
Angela Buttolph
Justine Roberts
Hermione Way @hermioneway /
Bidisha @_bidisha
Simone Brummelhuis @thenextwomen /
Ann Scantlebury @scanters /
Antony Robbins
Martha Lane Fox @MarthaLaneFox / /

Edited by\r\nDebs Anne for Super Mega Action Plus\r\n\r\nCamera, Light, Sound, Animation and Colour\r\nJamie Fraser for Super Mega Action Plus\r\n\r\nVector Animations \r\nDan Chambers\r\n\r\nLady Geek logo\r\nNadia Priestley\r\n\r\nMusic \r\nSimon Panrucker and Paul MacMahon @PaulMacMahon for Super Mega Action Plus\r\n\r\nProject Manager for Series 1\r\nClaire Coady @claireinclapham

Strategy Advisor
Ewan MacLeod @ew4n

Executive Producer
Belinda Parmar @belindaparmar

Thanks to

Juliet Valdez, Todd Cowan, Sarah Whittaker-Axon, Louise Pierre, Chris Westmore, Chiya Louie, Dan Saunders, Lynne Rodgers