Jonah Matranga @ The Windmill, Brixton

As so many of the projects we’ve been working on this year are still underwraps (awaiting launch dates, internal projects, etc.), we thought we’d spend a weekend getting some fun personal projects out there! We’ve put together a few films from Jonah Matranga’s show at The Windmill in Brixton last November (Movember – debs and I were both wearing moustaches whilst filming this show) ahead of his upcoming UK tour this month.

If you’ve not been to a Jonah show before, this should give you an idea of how goose-bump inducing the experience is! We highly recommend you go if he’s playing near you.

[Above] At Night We Live – a song from the latest Far record, written for Deftones bass player Chi Cheng who was seriously injured in a car crash in November 2008. Visit the website to find out more about Chi and help the fundraising effort.

[Above] Smile & Boring Life

[Above] Tides

Tech Notes!

A few of my After Effects plugins were having issues over the weekend, so I used the opportunity to give Apple Color a go – something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, but our FCP -> Automatic Duck -> AE workflow works really well, particularly as we do so much with motion graphics in AE anyway.

Apologies for the slight distortion on the loud bits. One of the speaker stacks (the one right next to the ambient mics at the front…) decided to slowly perish throughout Jonah’s set, so that it ended up being a weird ghostly fuzz by the end. I spent most of my time around that side, and it kinda added to the experience, sounding a bit like there was a tiny, far away Jonah singing along on a weak radio transmission. It doesn”t really come across like that on the recording. :/

Anyway, hope you enjoy the awesomeness of Jonah via the medium of SMAP! xx