Hello friend, we are SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS.

We’re filmmakers, photo-takers, art-creators and adventure-enthusiasts who delight in adventuring the world and exploring human creativity.

We transmogrify our discoveries into moving images and stories to bring you life enhancements and joy!

You might have seen us or our work on:

Sony, NME, RSC, NHS, KCRW and more!

Here are a few of our favourite things (that we made)…

Adventure Everywhere

A place to get curious about the world and your life, because adventure is everywhere. 

Adventure Everywhere is a new, mighty fine travel guide which aims to help you make the most of your travels, your local area and your everyday life experiences.


Our curious eco-friendly boutique of creativities.

Discover the art of being SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS! aka jamie and debs

kuchiku - fine art prints by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS


We’re an enthusiastically environmentally friendly company. We choose to care for people and planet! HOORAY! 

Green is our favourite colour that is also used as a metaphor! 🙂

For every purchase from our store and every commission we take on, we’re planting trees around the world.