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Global travelling filmmakers since 2007.

We’ve been travelling, making videos and taking photos together for over 20 years and for our worldwide clients, as SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS, for a sweeeet 16 years! 

We specialise in documenting humanity happening, in all the spectacular ways that humans can create, all over the planet. We then turn these experiences into moving images for you to cherish for yourself or share with other humans, to spread stories around the world. We always seek out the fun, the joy, sometimes the silly, in whatever is happening. 

We’re also working on and excited about creating our own short films and online shows. If you’re interested in sponsoring videos and podcasts about creativity, eco-friendliness and human connection, get in touch, below! Immediately!

SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS - commissions and collaborations and coverage

We’re nice, upbeat, positive folks, so if you’d like to use our existing work in any capacity, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do!

Currently, we take on a limited few new commissions each year. If you’d like to add a little SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS to your next project then please do get in touch.

We’re especially fond of eco-friendly places, ethical, environmentally-conscious experiences, humans and businesses.

If you’d like us to document your magical corner of the world then we’d love to hear from you.

Packages and rates available on request.

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