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You can now own your own SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS art work for use in your own home!   We’re making prints of our ‘arts’ and a carefully crafted selection of photographs available for purchase. …

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Cara Sebastian - Wolves - Official Music Video by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

Cara Sebastian – Wolves

A blend of live action, animation and lovely mushy textures for Cara Sebastian’s beautiful song, ‘Wolves’.

Rik Mayall

In March 2013, we were asked by our lovely friend Craig Green to create some images of Rik for their brilliantly twisted audio series, (unfortunately ironically titled,) ‘The Last Hurrah’. A special edited version of …

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Guitar Cities animated ident by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

Guitar Cities

Line drawings and 2D animation for this punchy lil ident/bumper for Guitar Cities! Animated in After Effects.

4D Human Being - Promo Video by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

4D Human Being

In this promo video for the truly wonderful 4D Human Being, we combined green-screened stop motion, live action footage, 2D and 3D animation to bring Tom and Philippa’s ideas to life. Such a pleasure to …

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Andy & Tin Wedding Highlights Trailer Film by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

Andy & Tin

Such generous hosts and all round wonderful people, Andy and Tintin (aka Anna) bring with them this lovely uplifting feeling as their excited, warm hearts grab you up and take you on a happy adventure. …

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3D animated ident for dbs Music by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

dBs Music Ident

The talented folks at dbsMusic provided us with a short piece of sound design to represent the wealth of music production experience that they cover at dbsMusic. We created this 2D/3D hybrid animation in After …

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Theatre Royal Bath the egg - mini-documentary by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

the egg

Mini-documentary about the amazing things going on at the egg, aimed at young people and teachers in secondary schools and colleges. This was our first project (alongside the Over 12s version below) where we had …

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Live music photography of the Djevara, Tessellators and Solar Flares show at Cross Kings, London on 5th Feb 2010.

Cafe Of Ideas - Promo video by SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS

Café of Ideas

“Café of Ideas is an exciting new membership-based events organisation supported by cutting edge online networking tools. We produce high quality informative and entertaining events and workshops that will stimulate your creativity, help you to …

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